YAJNAS & samskaras

Vedic literatures recommend specific samskaras (purifying ceremony) for different stages in life and yajnas to invoke auspiciousness and progress in spiritual life.

We offer samskara services for a variety of occasions. Our priests are highly trained in Vedic rites, and are active practitioners of Vaisnava philosophy. They are able to explain the meaning behind rituals, and explain Sanskrit mantras in English, so you can fully immerse yourself in these ceremonies with proper understanding.

We organize large events, such as weddings, in our temple with its 3-acre land. We can also participate in small home programs. We offer the following samskara services for any occasion:

  • Weddings and engagements (Vivaha)
  • Conception and rites preceding childbirth (Garbhadhana, Pumsavana, Sasyanti-homa, Jata-karma)
  • Baby shower (Simantonnayanam)
  • Birthday (Janma)
  • Name giving (Nama-karana)
  • Child’s first outing (Niskarmana)
  • First Grains (Anna-prasana)
  • Hair cutting (Cuda Karanam/Mundana)
  • Ceremony for child’s health (Paustika-karma)
  • Piercing the ears (Karna-vedha)
  • Learning the alphabet (Vidyarambha)
  • Fire sacrifice for peace (Shanti-homa)
  • New dwelling (Griha-pravesa/Vastu-puja)
  • Funeral (Antyesti-kriya)
  • Memorial services (Sraddha-kriya)

Please note that we require 1-week’s notice prior to scheduling all yajnas and samskaras. The priest charges are $151 payable to the temple for most services.