The transcendental vibration of harinam-sankirtan is imported from the spiritual world.

Lord Caitanya propagated chanting of the Holy Name as the most effective means of self-realization in today’s age. Harinama Sankirtana, or congregational chanting of the Holy Name in public, is a continuation of His practice about 500 years ago in India, where he compassionately distributed the Holy Name to one and all, without reservation.

Following in His footsteps, ISKCON temples all over the world regularly engage in outdoor harinam-sankirtan. In fact, devotees in brightly colored dresses singing and dancing to the tune of the Holy Name through the streets have become a trademark of the “Hare-Krishnas.”

Every quarter between May and September each year, Radha Shyamasundara Temple, ISKCON Naperville goes on an outdoor harinam-sankirtan, singing:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Harinam-sankirtana is not complete with traditional Indian musical instruments, such as the mridanga and kartalas. The resulting melody is not just pleasing to the ear, but soothing to the soul. No wonder people “off the streets” spontaneously join in on the dancing and singing!

Our goal is simply to sing the glories of the Lord, and invite anybody interested to take part in this joyful experience of connecting with the divine through the sound vibration.

Radha Shyamasundara Temple,  ISKCON Naperville also facilitates the distribution of books on ancient Vedic wisdom through its regular book distribution drives. Our books cater to those that are newer to Krishna Consciousness as well as to those that are already practicing Bhakti-yoga.

To inquire about our next harinam-sankirtan or learn more about our books or book distribution drives, please write to: [email protected].