construction Project updates



  • The planned work to construct the new and expanded parking lot, parking lot lighting, and all the underground utilities (city water, sewer, gas, etc.), has been completed on time and on budget.


  • All finalized architectural, structural, and HVAC plans for the new facility have been submitted to the City of Naperville.
  • Phase 2 will include the new temple building that will house the inner sanctum, the altar hall, the deity dressing room, the commercial kitchen, the community banquet hall, gift shop, brahmachari quarters, meeting rooms, and classrooms for children’s education.
  • Updates on the imminent timeline will be published shortly.

It goes without saying that all this tremendous work requires the continued support of the community. A temple of this magnitude and purpose will undoubtedly become your legacy for many generations to come. Your gracious financial support is solicited and sincerely appreciated.

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