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Temple President

Premananda Devi Dasi

Premananda devi dasi  (Dr. Parvathy Russell)  is PhD in Biochemical Genetics from Wayne State University, and Clinical Chemistry Fellowship from Loyola University, IL. She worked as a Lab Director for Cook County Hospital, simultaneously facilitating several ISKCON outreach programs in Chicago area. She has been actively involved in both adult’s and children’s spiritual education, since its inception 30 years ago. She has been living in Chicagoland for over 40 years.

Contact – [email protected]

Honorary committee members

Temple Board Members


Anuttama das (GBC)

Premananda devi dasi (President)

Krishna Murari das

Krishna Prema das

Sri Kishore das

Temple Pujaris (Priests)


Dhananjaya Pandit das

Kanakabja das

Temple Project committee


Premananda devi dasi

Ruchira devi dasi (Project Management, Reciprocation)

Sri Vallabha das (Branding)

Pratibahu das (Marketing & Communications)

Stokakrsna das (Finance)

Damodar Lila das (Construction)

Shyam Kumar (Fundraising & Relationship management)

Sangeeta Kapoor (Fundraising)

Sumangala devi dasi (Fundraising – Brick program)

Sandeep Patel (Fundraising – Business, Congregation communications)