On a blustery Friday evening, a few families scuttle together bringing with them home-cooked food in familiar foil trays. Children try excitedly to break free from their seatbelts in wild anticipation of meeting their friends. The hosts are immersed in a quick makeover from a week-long work routine to a weekend retreat.

The children are taken downstairs where treasured coloring books and crayons await their masterful artistry. The adults gather in the family room above as the man in the saffron robes begins to slowly raise the tempo of his kartals and rhythmic chanting. It reaches a crescendo that leaves the guests crying for more and the hosts intermittently glancing around the windows to check if the neighbors are not being disturbed.
The class begins. Verse after verse from the ancient and timeless text of the Bhagavad-gita are recited, notated, discussed, and internalized. Everyone feels charged with a new perspective to life. There is a greater appreciation for everything one has received with a firmer understanding of the Source and His infinite opulences.  The little ones appear almost magically with glee and a feeling of accomplishment as they run toward their parents with brightly colored pictures of the Lord in His pastimes. That’s also the signal for a sumptuous prasadam that is beckoning.
This was more than twenty years ago.
Starting with a humble few, the families and their eagerness led to the establishment of the Radha Shyamasundara Temple, ISKCON Naperville under the purview of the parent organization founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabupada. In a short time the few families grew to a congregation of 15-20 families, to what we are today. We continue to serve the community regardless of nationality, caste, or religion with the undeterred focus of education in the science of Krishna consciousness.  We are committed to serving your spiritual needs and encourage you to visit us in person.