Krishna Lunch – ISKCON Naperville


We will deliver vegetarian meals catered to your needs which are healthy, freshly prepared, of high nutritional value, karma-free, and Yoga-friendly (sattvic).

We believe that food should nourish the body, mind, and soul

Our meals are cooked and offered with a spirit of love and gratitude. Meals are always made with sattvic ingredients – meaning they are not only karma-free, but nourishing to the body and mind

We put nature first

All our ingredients are 100% vegetarian, and our meals are prepared in an environment free from any trace of meat, fish, or eggs.

We think that healthy food should be affordable

With the help of our passionate volunteers, we’re happy to offer hearty meals for an affordable price.

We prioritize your convenience

We know you run busy lives, and because of that, we are always working to meet your needs.