Krishna Lunch – ISKCON Naperville

Everyday during the weekday (Mon – Fri), we will deliver vegetarian meals that are subsidized, healthy, freshly prepared, of high nutritional value, karma-free, and Yoga-friendly (sattvic).

We believe that food should nourish the body, mind, and soul

Our meals are cooked and offered with a spirit of love and gratitude. Krishna Lunch meals are always made with sattvic ingredients – meaning they are not only karma-free, but nourishing to the body and mind

We put nature first

All our ingredients are 100% vegetarian, and our meals are prepared in an environment free from any trace of meat, fish, or eggs. In addition to our cleanliness, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly design and packaging

We think that healthy food should be affordable

With the help of our passionate volunteers, we’re happy to offer hearty, packaged meals for just $6.99 each

We prioritize your convenience

We know you run busy lives, and because of that, we are always working towards expanding our pickup locations. With meals available 5 days a week, just select the location near you and reserve your box – we’ll do the rest

Order your lunch

Pickup Location*

Note: All orders after 9 AM will be counted towards next day’s Krishna Lunch.

*Proceeds are used to support a not-for-profit initiative of karma-free food distribution across office campuses in Naperville and surrounding areas, “Food For Life” organization serving the under privileged with fresh hot, vegetarian meals prepared according to eco-friendly standards.

*Supporting Krishna Lunch also supports our temple expansion and community projects

I loved the lunch and the packaging. It is evident that a lot of effort and love went into making the food and packing for us.The food was delicious and filling!I also appreciate your effort to make the packaging more eco-friendly. The idea of having a wooden spoon is genius!

IT Professional